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"Anna Kate was a magical soul who I always thought was going to do great things.  She could melt a heart with her huge brown eyes. Her smile would warm your heart and  her pouty lip could break it.


 Anna Kate was put on earth I believe to bring us together as a community, she was there to make sure people knew that there was a greater power above and brought so many people back to their faith.  That little girl never questioned her path and did not fear death..."


- Jennifer Wenz, Anna Kate's mother

News and Notes
Helping the Families

We often say we are helping pediatric cancer patients and their families, but that description doesn’t fully explain who they are. The pediatric cancer patients and their families we serve are are real people, real families fighting every day against an insidious disease. Children literally fighting for their lives, some losing this earthly battle. Families that give up their jobs, their homes and life as they know it to try to save the lives of their children. The patients living at Target House are the most critically in need of cancer treatment and up to 20% of the residents are under hospice care. On average one child per day passes away at St. Jude. 

Your generosity allows us to help these families by taking away some of the worry about where a meal might come from or how they can afford a Christmas gift for their child. I can never know what the parents experience and don’t pretend to. But any burden we can lift from their shoulders might help make their lives a little easier.

As we move forward we strive to continue to grow so that we may help even more pediatric cancer patients and their families. We have some exciting new events we will introduce this coming year and I hope you will continue support our mission.

We continue to seek volunteers and have many ways you can help. Anyone can get involved by contacting us at or



Our trip to Target House to work at the Christmas Shop was an AMAZING experience. The families used the word “overwhelming” many times to describe the shop and the generosity shown to them. We were able to deliver over $40,000 in gifts to the pediatric cancer patients at Target House.
To top the night of Mike and Jennifer Wenz were recognized by Target House for their work in providing donations to the families of Target House and to Target House. They were presented with a scale model of Target House.

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